ideas is a link tree alternative to create your landing page with useful links to different projects, ideas, books, WhatsApp… you name it.

You can use to create a landing page.

Is an alternative to link.tree

It is not the same. is more like a landing page. Link.tree is a collection of links you can use to redirect your users to your main destinations.

Link.tree is your “portfolio”. is more like a final destination. A place to meet you and contact you.

You can use both services for the same goal. Get in touch with your client.

Both options offer free “forever” versions. These versions are limited in features but completed in terms of functionality. That means your website is going to work and you will get your users to see your site.

If you want a personal domain, analytics, etc… you need to move to premium.

Can you add WhatsApp link to

Yes, you can. You can add your link to WhatsApp to your landing page.

WhatsApp is the best way to engage with your audience.

Can I have my own domain with

Yes, but you need to move to premium. Is just $19 / year.

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