WhatsApp Widget Not Working

Some common issues and problems with your WhatsApp Widget.

If you have created a WhatsApp Widget using our service these are some common issues and the solution.

Problem: The phone number is not working. The phone number is not valid.

Solution: Please be sure to use a WhatsApp number. You need to have WhatsApp working on your phone number. You can use WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp. Please be sure to add your country code. Please be sure not to add + sign or space. Just add numbers.

Problem: I copy the code but is not showing up.

Solution: Be sure to clean cache in your system or CMS. Use a incognito window to preview the Widget.

Problem: I click on the widget but there is an error. The WhatsApp app is not loading.

Solution: Do not add the widget in an iframe. Loading the widget in an iframe is not the best solution. Please add the script to load your Widget in the header or footer.

Problem: I am using Google Tag Manager and the widget is not loading.

Solution: The widget should load with Google Tag Manager. If you are experience issues with your installation, please contact us.

Problem: I can not preview the widget while editing my website.

Solution: With WIX, Drupal and WordPress you can not preview the widget while editing your site. With Squarespace or webflow you can add the script and preview it while editing.

With Wix and some other CMS you will need a premium account to load the script.

By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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