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If you want to edit pictures before sending it, you can do so in Whatsapp. Before […]
First enter the chat you want to send the photo to. Press the camera icon which […]
Press the search icon which is at the top of the app Search whatever word or […]
Enter the chat info of whatever chat you want to report. Scroll down and below the […]
Press the icon on the lower right corner. Select the create new contact icon. Put the […]
Enter the contact info of the person you want to block Scroll down Press block number […]
Enter WhatsApp Press the icon that is located on the lower right corner Press the create […]
First enter the App Store Search WhatsApp Business Install the app – this is free If […]
If you want to sell more using WhatsApp you need to use Quick Replies to create […]
One user just send as a question: I want to learn how to send a message […]
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