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If you want to create your own free WhatsApp button, this is the best method to do it.

  1. Go to here and create your own link to your WhatsApp number
  2. Copy the link and go to your Website and paste the link in your code. You can use the A HREF tag in HTML.
  3. You can test that method here with a link to my own WhatsApp number.

This is the simplest way to add a button to your WhatsApp account. You can use this method in PHP or HTML websites.

Add WhatsApp to any website

Creating your account here, you can add WhatsApp to any Website. You can add the script to any website. Drupal, PHP, Wix…

Add WhatsApp to a WordPress Website

If you are using WordPress you can use this free plugin to add a WhatsApp Widget to your website.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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