Why custom WhatsApp link?

If you want to add your name or your brand to the WhatsApp link you can do it using the field we provide to customize your message. This will make your WhatsApp link more appealing. A link to your WhatsApp in your social media accounts is a great way to enable communication between you and your followers.

The 🔝 top 5 reasons: why you should custom your WhatsApp link

  1. You increase your credibility among your users ✅
  2. Makes your link more appealing ✅
  3. Gives you a better chance of a higher click rate ✅
  4. You can better design it for your different channels ✅
  5. You can make it, so it doesn’t look like a random link ✅

Instagram’s messenger is fine, but WhatsApp is currently world’s top communicating app, with over 2 billion users worldwide. If you have a business Instagram account, redirecting your followers to a WhatsApp conversation is a great way to convert them to customers.

If you are interested in selling through WhatsApp, make a WhatsApp business account and take a look at our article about payment solution for WhatsApp from around the globe. You can literally run your business through WhatsApp!

You can add your message when you create the link.

Whatsapp name link

You can use our Link to WhatsApp to create a link with your name on it. For example, you can create a link like this one:

I am Cesar, send me a WhatsApp

You can create a link with your name or your business name to your WhatsApp.

  1. Create your link to WhatsApp here.
  2. Then create your link with your name.

WhatsApp link in your instagram bio 🆔

If you would like to add your Whatsapp link to your Instagram account, check this article in which we explain how to do it step by step. WhatsApp is an awesome tool to get more leads and improve the communication with your clients/users.

Benefits of using a link to WhatsApp

  • Increased customer engagement 👋
  • Higher standard of customer support & service 😍
  • Increase your sales 📈
  • Increased customer satisfaction 👍
  • Possibility to group users/clients from many sources in one spot 👥

And many other benefits, establish your own personalised WhatsApp Link now!

Also check out our awesome content in Polish!

💡You can also read this article in Turkish and Polish.

Already have a link that you want to change?

Maybe you already created a link to your WhatsApp, which are happy with, but maybe you want to change a single thing or maybe two. Don’t worry, you can easily do this, and here is how! 🛠

Simply watch the video below to learn, how you easily change your WhatsApp link! 👇

Information about, how you can change your WhatsApp link 🔥

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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