Free landing pages for Academies

Academies are the best sector to use our Free Landing pages:

Why you need to communicate with your students with WhatsApp?

– Because your audience is using WhatsApp. They do not have email. You need to give them an easy to use tool to communicate with you.
– You need a simple website your students can use with their cellphone and contact you.
– Academies, training courses, always require some kind of advice, coaching, mentoring, guidance. You need to communicate with your students.
– If you teach english, for example, you need to explain different grades, packages, how to do it… There are a lot of options you need to explain to your students before they sign up.
– For that WhatsApp and WhatsApp for Business are the best tools. You will be able to communicate effectively with your potential customers and create a relation of trust.

So start now

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