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Best Away Message for WhatsApp business

The best Away Message is something that:

  • Clarifies the schedule for customer support and sales
  • Leads the user to forums or blogs where they can find information
  • Ask the user for more information to give heads up to the agent who will attend the message later on

Add your schedule for customer support

When you create your Away Message, just add your schedule.
Monday – Friday 9 to 5.
Saturdays 9 to 12.
Add your time zone just in case your customers are reaching from different countries.

Lead the user to forums or blogs

Try to have some good FAQs in your blog or forum and add a link to those just in case your customer is looking for some information you may have already published.

Ask for more information

Add a question just to get more information from your customer. Is this a one time purchase, it is something urgent, do they need personalisation… there is a lot of information you may found valuable from your customer with a simple question and will give you extra information to prepare the proposal.



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