How to use WhatsApp Widget PHP and WhatsApp

Create a good point of sale with these tools to generate invoices, reports and payments.

How to use WhatsApp Widget Premium version

Chat widget for Website – How to install it

If you want to add a Free Chat Widget to your website, WhatsApp Widget is the best solution for your website. WhatsApp Widget it is very easy to configure and install independently of your CMS. You can use Wix, Drupal, Php or any other CMS and you will be able to use this amazing WhatsApp […]

How to use WhatsApp Widget

Questions about WhatsApp Widget – How to add WhatsApp to your website

A) Our website is developed on .net & fully secured with SSL.. so if your premium package does not disturb its secure (https://) feature, we shall like to try your premium plan on yearly basis (US$ 15/ annually inclusive taxes). We use HTTPS from end to end. Your information is secure and using will not […]

Premium version Wordpress and WhatsApp – Real estate Website with WhatsApp

This website from Spain is selling more houses, faster using WhatsApp in their website.

PHP and WhatsApp

Torpedo Swim School

If you have a school and you need to add more students to your school, use the WhatsApp Widget to enrol more students, faster. View this great website from Singapore > Why WhatsApp to enrol students? WhatsApp it is very useful for parents to ask quick questions about your programs, pricing, trainers. You can […]