Ideas to improve WhatsApp Widget Multiple Agents feature

A user has sent these ideas to improve WhatsApp Widget:

  1. Present multiple agents in RANDOM order. WhatsApp Widget has a unique feature to add multiple agents to your Widget. The idea is to present the users in a random order. Right now the order you define in the control panel is the order we use in the widget and that can generate more load work to some agents. View this website to view a live example of multiple agents WhatsApp widget.
  2. Only online agents are visible. You can add schedule to your agents. Right now, if the agent is offline we present a label under the agent name with “offline”. The idea will be to remove the agent from the widget.
  3. That each agent can have different time ranges in the same day. Minimum 2 ranges, for lunch hours. This is true. Right now, you can add multiple agents, and define the schedule for each agent, but you can define just one block of hours in the day. This is a good add on to be able to define breaks in the day for the agent.
  4. Go directly to WhatsApp without opening the window. The agent who will receive the message will be selected randomly. This is a good feature but we think it is good for the customer to view agents and profiles. You may have “support”, “sales”, “HR”… and the user can go to the agent that better fits their needs.
  5. More placement options for the button.

By César Martín (

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