How to sell more online with WhatsApp – Checklist

Reading Time: < 1 minute
  • Use the CRM tool integrated with your mobile phone: WhatsApp
  • Find immediately the information you need with Google Analytics. Measure the performance of your WhatsApp Channel.
  • Improve team communication and collaboration dealing with customer organisations. With WhatsApp Widget you can add as many agents as you need creating specific channels for specific areas (sales, support, administration…)
  • Reduce time cycles in data import with WhatsApp. You can export all your data and send it to your database or Shopify / PrestaShop.
  • You can always use Excel to create personalised reporting.
  • Easily build sales and territory teams in order to create a more effective organisation. With Widget WhatsApp you can add as many agents as you need.
  • Use consistent permissions based on functional roles and groups, which makes distributing information easier and faster.
  • Always ask for consent from your customers. Avoid Spam and unsolicited messages.

By César Martín (

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