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Add your WhatsApp Widget to your website. Create a landing page. Sell more.

With our solution you can create an easy to use Widget for your HTML website. If you are not using a CMS and you are creating your website from scratch, you can use a WhatsApp widget. Our code generates a beautiful, fully featured WhatsApp Widget you can use for sales and support.

How to add WhatsApp to your HTML website

  1. Create your free account.
  2. Add your Website URL.
  3. Add your agent information.
  4. Copy the script we generate in your Header.
  5. Ready to use WhatsApp.

Benefits of WhatsApp Widget in your HTML Website

  • WhatsApp is the new email and is the new way to create a conversation with your users.
  • WhatsApp for your responsive website is the best channel to contact with your users.
  • WhatsApp will trigger more conversations and more support in your website.
  • Emails and forms are the past. Chats are the future. The best chat is WhatsApp.


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